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Across campus and communities we offer numerous classes, workshops and other educational opportunities 

For everyone:

Monthly Manoa Microbiome Meeting (M4)

This is a brownbag lunch meeting that focuses on topical presentations, workshops and discussions for microbiome scientists primarily at UH Manoa. Undergraduates, Graduate Students, Postdocs, Staff and Faculty are welcome. To join our listserv contact Nicole Hynson (nhynson [at]

For Undergrads:

1. OEST 103: Introduction to Systems Biology

A non-majors course integrating micro- and macrobiology with a focus on Hawaiian biomes and from a kanaka world view - Offered Every Fall Semester.


2. OCN 340: Ecology of Infectious Disease and Symbiosis

Upper division elective for Biology, Botany, GES, NREM, Public Health. Introduction to infectious disease ecology in wildlife and humans. Links between human activities, wildlife conservation, biodiversity, virulence, disease transmission, and herd immunity, and implications for disease management.

OCN340 flyer general1024_1.jpg

3. MICR 485: Microbes and Their Environment

Upper division course in microbiome: Learn about the diversity and function of microbiota across habitats.

MICR 485 class flier.png

4. TPSS/BIOL 480 & 480L: Life in the Soil Environment

Upper division lecture and lab offered in odd-year Fall semesters. An interdisciplinary study of the diverse life in the soil beneath our feet that includes bacteria, fungi, protists, nematodes, arthropods, invertebrate, viruses, and the essential functional roles these organisms contribute to sustainability of the planet.

TPSS 480 course flier 20201024_1.jpg

5. TRMD/IS 305: Pandemic Preparedness & Response: One Health Case Study of COVID-19

This DB course will examine the biological, environmental, social, economic, legal, ethical, behavioral and public health aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic from a One Health perspective. Students will gain the knowledge and skills to work across disciplines to collaboratively solve real-world problems and to address complex health and social challenges.

TRMD-IS 350 FA21 Flyer1024_1.jpg

For Grads:

1. BOT 612: The Ecology of Microbial Symbiosis

Learn the current methods and theory applied to microbial systems. Generally offered in even-year Spring semesters.


2. BOT 662: Microbiome Bootcamp

High throughput sequencing approaches to microbial ecology and evolution. Generally offered in odd-year Spring semesters.


3. TPSS 604: Advanced Soil Microbiology

Study of biochemical and biogeochemical transformations mediated by soil microorganisms, emphasis on processes important to plant growth productivity and environmental quality.

TPSS 604 course flier1024_1.jpg
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