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 One of our largest projects is a synergistic collaboration with @waimeavalleyoahu to study the interconnectedness and flow of microbes through ecological systems and trophic levels - from water to mud to rock to plant to bug to bird/fish/mammal. This project helps to ground us in our understanding of place and how we as humans influence that place. C-MĀIKI's research will help steward and promote restoration, conservation, and sustainability of our most precious native resources by exploring the uncharted world of microbes. #nakiloaomaiki

C-MĀIKI Waimea

Prof. Anthony Amend gives a seminar for the Department of Microbiology on the latest results from our Waimea microbiome study


The C-MAIKI Project Overview was held on August 16, 2018 with talks by Dr. McFall-Ngai, Dr. Frank, Dr. Amend, and Dr. Chyba

The Department of Mathematics at UH Manoa is collaborating with C-MAIKI Waimea to create drone generated 3D images of our sampling sites that incorporate environmental and microbial data from the project

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